We are a team 100% committed to the health and well-being of people.

Our essence:

We are a NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY with 75 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of products for the Venezuelan market. Our pharmaceutical formulations IMPACT THE WELL-BEING AND QUALITY OF LIFE OF PEOPLE, following the strictest quality standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Currently, we are focusing on the growth and development of new business units that allow us to offer more health and well-being to our Venezuelan patients.

Our plant:

Of liquids manufacturing, located in Guarenas, Miranda state, allows us to offer the therapeutic alternatives that patients need. We make medicines for the enjoyment of life, that is our essence.

Our people:

We have a passion for excellence, we are continually motivated to do better, we persevere in the face of challenges. We are committed to health, well-being and life. We are Vincenti Family.


At Vincenti day by day we are at the forefront of understanding the needs of patients, which gives us the drive to continue innovating and discover new ways to improve and prolong health within everyone’s reach.

Our history


Doctor César Vincenti establishes a pharmacy in the city of Marseille where he develops his first pharmaceutical formulas.


The Vincenti Pharmacy is installed in the Plaza de Petare.


Doctor César Vincenti founds Laboratorios Vincenti in Quebrada Honda.


The first product of the Ethics line “Otan” is developed and launched on the Venezuelan pharmaceutical market.


The “César and Lydia Vincenti” award is created for the best research work in pediatrics. The first product of the OTC line «Gencivol» is launched on the market.


Production is automated.


Renovation of the image of the Laboratory. The “Sinutil” family grows with its presentation in syrup. The certification of good pharmaceutical manufacturing practices required by the Rafael Rangel National Institute of Hygiene is fully complied with.


New production lines double manufacturing.


Acquisition by EVENPRO Group. Only 6 active brands. Redesign Corporate and packaging image.


Launch of new packaging. The portfolio grows 217%+, revival and new releases.


Launch of Alcohol Vincenti, creation of Representaciones Vincenti and 137%+ increase in the portfolio.


Development of own brands. Solunovar Mouthwash ahead of the curve with COVID-19. Creation Vincenti International. The portfolio grows 264%+


New business ethical and generic market with 47 product launches. Listed on the Venezuelan Stock Market.

Venezuelan Stock Market

On November 9, 2022, Vincenti entered the stock market with its first issuance of commercial papers. Guarantee of a clean, audited and clear management. With A2 risk ratings and audited by the prestigious firm E&Y.


We understand that the most important thing for you

it is your life, that is why we focus all our efforts on accompanying you and taking care of you in your different stages, so that you enjoy them to the fullest.


to our patients


Have exhaustive control in each of our formulation, manufacturing, marketing and distribution processes.


75 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market.


Wide portfolio of high quality to offer each member of the family products for their well-being.


Of products throughout the national territory available to everyone.


We are proud to have local production, our roots in the country and the vision to develop international markets.